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We are closed & will reopen as soon as possible,

following Federal  & State guidelines for the COVID-19.

We look forward to providing  you with our scrumptous baked goods.

We are accepting applications for Bakers as we

re-open in the next few weeks


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Crumb Together Bakery creates blissful baked goods while giving young adults with disabilities the chance to reach their full potential and gain meaningful employment.

At 21, students age out of state-run special needs programs. These young adults join the 57 million adults in America with a disability[1] and face some pretty bleak odds:

  • 75% of adults with disabilities are unemployed [2]

  • 28.4% of adults with disabilities live below the poverty line[3]

We, at Crumb Together, want to help these young adults overcome the odds by providing professional bakery training and experience, giving them the tools to achieve economic security. Crumb Together also offers a much-needed social outlet that enriches these young adults’ overall quality of life.

In addition to our social mission, Crumb Together is dedicated to providing our customers with the ultimate indulgent dessert experience. Our baked goods are handmade. We source our eggs locally from Wakeman Town Farm in Westport, CT. All of our products are certified kosher as well as nut-free and dairy-free[4]. We ship our products the very same day they are baked to ensure they arrive fresh and ready to enjoy.

When you purchase Crumb Together baked goods, your taste buds and your soul will thank you.

[1] US Census April 2014

[2] US Dept. of Labor Feb. 2014

[3] Cornell University US Disability Statistics

[4] Our sugar cookie frostings and decorations may contain ingredients that are packaged in a facility that also processes nuts and/or dairy.

This Is How We Do It


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